Bless you, Mom.

July 26, 2009 at 11:18 AM | Posted in I'm related to these people., Salt of the Earth, We Have a Bear on our State Quarter | 2 Comments
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I love my Mom.  She’s the best because she hasn’t killed any of us yet. 

Perhaps I should explain.  Here is the latest family episode where my mother, in a miracle of self-control and good humor, did not murder anyone:

Yesterday, my mom woke up to rainwater streaming down on her from my dad’s rain gear as he peered down on her and demanded to know where the net was.  Please recall that my father is a commercial fisherman.  His rain gear is way fishy.  The rain gear wake-up call is not one to be savored.  However, my mom heroically put rain gear over her pajamas and went sloshing around in the yard to find the net.  Please recall, again, that my father is a commercial fisherman.  We have lots of nets in the yard.  Like, there are more miles of net out there than calories in a Wendy’s Toffee Coffee Twisted Frosty, which if you haven’t had, you need to.  Because you are slowly dying inside without one.  Go right now.  I will still be here when you get back.  You may thank me then.

And give a shout out to my mother.  Because I still have a dad.



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  1. I love your mom.

    And I’ll have to try one of those Wendy’s thingies . . .

  2. Don’t know if you check your email but did you see this:

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