Reading is Fundamental.

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I love to read.  My mom says that we aren’t supposed to love things that aren’t alive, so I should probably say something more appropriate like, “I enjoy reading very much,” or “Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  But those don’t sum up my lifelong relationship with books and print.  So, “love to read” it is.  Sorry Mom.

Upon listening to a local teacher encourage parents to get their kids reading, my mother asked, “How do I get Stephanie to do anything else?!?”  I resent that.  I do plenty of other stuff.  I write reviews about books I read.  I go to the library to get more books and to return books that I have read.  I read about books on the Internet.  I tell people about books I’m reading.  I help the guy who can fix everything build more bookcases to house the new books I drag home.  I totally do more than just read!

But I do love, love, love reading.

So I can totally relate to Dr. John Sotos, a cardiologist and amateur historian who likes to do things like speculate on the health of U.S. presidents gone by.  An avid reader, as most of us who love dusty corners of knowledge are, Dr. Sotos walks the Stanford “Dish” trail for two hours every day, while reading a book.  He says, “It’s paved.  Except for the time I stepped on a snake, it’s completely safe.”

And some people think of readers as genteel and mousy library-bound people.  HAHA!  They’re so misguided.  Readers have guts!  Readers have dedication!  Readers are VERY INTENSE PEOPLE who ignore danger!

Here are the things that I have done while reading:

1.  Turned on the blender full of cranberries and juice.  Without the lid.

2.  Pulled a pot of simmering pasta off the burner and onto the floor.

3.  Torched three teakettles that I allowed to boil dry.  Note: I now have one with a VERY LOUD WHISTLE.

4.  Stepped on Artemis the Cat.  She’s not poisonous, but she is very pointy in places.  Also very yowly.

5.  Walked into a tree.

Loving reading takes grit.  And fortitude.  And Band-aids.  And mops.  And maybe visits to the emergency room (be sure to bring a book).

I’m not sure why there isn’t a superhero based on a truly dedicated reader.

I would totally read about that.


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