Advent candle hunting

November 27, 2014 at 11:33 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

My mom likes traditional Advent candles: three purple ones and one pink one.  These candles are usually not available in Dillingham.  This means that for the past few years, I, loving daughter and resident of Anchorage, City of Stores and Buying Stuff, have had adventures in Advent hunting for these candles.  A few tales follow…

Adventure #1: The last pink candle in the universe.

After going to five different stores, I finally found plenty of purple candles and ONE pink candle.  One. Pink. Candle. Possibly the last pink candle in the city.  Possibly the last pink candle in the WORLD!  And on the way to the register, I dropped it.  And it broke.  Do the math, people: four candles, three of which had replacements available, and I drop the only irreplaceable one.

Adventure #2: I put them in a safe place.

Determined to  avoid Advent candle adventures of the past, I started early.  As in, August.  Tra-la-la!  Pier One had perfect taper candles with perfect Advent colors.  Perfect.  It was all going to be perfect.  My mom was even in town to purchase the candles so any dropping would be her fault and not mine.

It was all going to be perfect.

And then I was placed in charge of the candles getting mailed to Dillingham so as to avoid putting them in airline luggage which is thrown about by snow apes upon departure and arrival in Alaska’s finest airports.  So I put the candles in a safe place.  This was not a good idea.  Because I promptly forgot where that safe place was.  Since I had now lost the Advent candles, the hunt was on.  Again, multiple stores.  Again, the elusive pink taper candle.  After going to every store within reasonable driving distance, I found the candles!  They were perfect!  It really was going to be perfect!

Taking no further chances, I sped home and packed the candles in a box.  The blankety-blank things were going in the blankety-blank mail before anything else could happen to them.  And then it happened.  Seconds, milliseconds, nanoseconds after carefully packing, painstakingly addressing, and thoroughly taping up the candle-containing box, I found the original candles in the safe place where I had put them.

And my head exploded.  I yelled mean things.

Mailed the original candles along with the replacement set.  Also found a set of candles I had purchased LAST SPRING to head off my annual Advent candle-related descent into madness.  Mailed them too because at this point, I refuse to have those things in my house.  So, my mom will be receiving three sets of Advent candles.  Hopefully she puts the extra sets in a safe place.

Okay, just found out that traditional Advent candles are available through Amazon.  Of course they are.  Amazon has everything except for the little bits of my brain that just flew out.

Happy Advent!  You’ll find me celebrating with nice, ordinary, easily accessible red and white taper candles because whilst I love Advent tradition, I think it is trying to kill me.


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  1. The safe place is always so safe it eludes me, too! Enjoy Advent – the candles at my church are white. I can’t find my Advent Wreath.

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