On Apples, on Oranges, on Raisins and Dates!

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There's a whole orchard in here.

First, an apology to Dan.  Mincemeat inventory status was not reported here to Mincemeat Central.  That is why there was no mincemeat pie at Thanksgiving.  I apologize for the shortage and have informed the DLG Turkey Team that status reports are to be more accurate and timely.  She will be creating an action plan to prevent mincemeat shortages in the future.  Feel free to check her progress on this, but also be prepared to dodge because she likes whacking people.  And hi Marjorie!

For the rest of you, above is a jar of mincemeat.  As a kid, I loathed this stuff.  Of course, I hadn’t actually tried it because I was sure it would be too disgusting for my delicate and advanced palate (the one that also ate Cheetos and and longed for a mother who would buy Kraft macaroni and cheese instead of making the homemade stuff).  However, I should have known that something was up when my dad never expected me to eat mincemeat pie.

See, my dad is the founding member of the Clean Plate Club.  This fine and hallowed organization celebrates the eating of EVERYTHING on one’s plate in the spirit of the founder’s ancient and revered motto, “Because I said so.”  But mincemeat pie was never a club eatable despite it similarity in grossness to other club eatables like steamed rice and waffles (which, for some other delicate and advanced palate reason, I also found revolting).  Mincemeat pie was a food club eaters could choose not to eat.

I have solved the mincemeat mystery (which would also be a very good name for the Ford Bronco that The Guy Who Can Fix Anything And To Whom I am Now Married acquired as a “good deal”)!  Mincemeat pie is dee-licious and completely worthy of hoarding.  Unfortunately for the founding member of the Clean Plate Club, he now has to share his pie.  Fortunately for him, I like making mincemeat almost as much as I like eating it.  Okay, that’s a lie.  Eating it is WAY better.  But, making it is still pretty fun.

Now, turn those noses back down, mincemeat-haters, I know your world.  I used to be one of you.  But, I have repented of my past and now spend a large part of a day here and there chopping approximately 1.3 billion apples, forty-seven oranges, twenty-three lemons, a bathtub-full of cranberries, a whole bunch of figs, dates, raisins, golden raisins, and a paaartridge in a pear treeeeee! Just kidding about the tree part.  And also the partridge.  My mincemeat is certified partridge-safe.  After the chopping-pa-looza, I shovel the whole fruity mountain into a huge stock pot and begin stirring, stirring, and stirring.  And then, I start inhaling the evaporating brandy and sherry that splashes merrily into the mix.  That’s when I get all crazy on up in here!   Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaaa!  And then some other stuff happens in the brandy-sherry fog involving some spices like cinnamon, maybe, and somehow, at the end of the day, the house has not burnt to a crisp. no one’s face has been scalded off, and all the little jar seals have done their sealing thing.

And mincemeat pie is in the future which makes everything merry and bright!

And then I wash a million dishes.

Note: numbers may be slightly exaggerated in this post due to brandy-sherry fume inhalation.

Also, I am not good at math.


Sketchbook has arrived safely!

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11:18 on Tuesday morning.  I love tracking numbers.


Pages and pages…

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My mom likes trees like this, so I made one for her.

I’ve been slaving away on my sketchbook, one of the participants in the Brooklyn Art Library’s project, and I actually got it done for the deadline!  Wow-wee!  Now, I can clean up the paper scraps, glue smears, and markers that have been festooning my office floor.  Or maybe I’ll go get a doughnut.  Either option seems viable right now.

Okay, so the doughnut option seems much more viable.  Viable-er.  And Anchorage does have a 24-hour doughnut drive-through place.  Bless this city, oh bless it well.

I used a lot of marker ink on this one.

I've seen one eclipse. It made an impression.

Orion is one of the few constellations I can actually find. Astronomer, I am not.

Now that my sketchbook is off to New York, I will return to my regular program of hitting the snooze button and trying to teach Artemis the Cat to eat less cardboard.

Woodsy Fashions

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Worn by stylish trees everywhere!

Please notice that we have a sun here in the popsicle regions!  Also, very cool earrings.  We have those too.  I’ve been looking at lots of Urban Outfitters jewelry lately; I can sort of see the influence here.

Worn by stylish planks everywhere!

Aaand we have a necklace to complement, not totally match, the aforementioned very cool earrings.  I like complementary pieces rather than direct matching because I have the attention span of a gerbil and like to always be creating new designs rather than repeating what I’ve already dreamed up.  I got the Lucite rose center bead from a2zDesigns, a lovely Etsy seller with lots of fun stuff to eat up your time and money.  All the other materials were hunted down at local bead shops in town, many of which are conveniently located next to places that sell snacks.

I’m less grouchy when I have regular snacks.  Regular snacks are my contribution to world peace.  Also, green tea lattes.  I am downright pleasant if I’ve been through the Starbucks drive-through.  I know Starbucks is all corporate, blah blah, but the local coffee guy doesn’t feature green tea lattes.  I hit him up for regular chai though.

Happy Sunday Kids!  Give snacks a chance.  And wear jewelry today.  Even if you’re just staying home to vacuum and pair socks.

My brother is into designing crystal bells. I’m okay with it.

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My brother, Daniel, is about as un-girly as a person can get.  This is the guy who acts like he’s allergic to my purse if I set it next to him in the car.  The guy who refuses to even walk close to a Pier 1.  The guy who celebrates his achievements in the bathroom.

However, I was making some of these Christmas ornaments the other night,

and Daniel decided to get involved.  First, he held a bell up to his ear and asked if they were earrings.  Then, he critiqued the crystal colors I’d chosen–he liked the red one, but thought that I should use, “some kind of blue.”

I really never expected this sort of input from Daniel and, while I’m enjoying the interaction, I can’t help but wonder what’s next.  Bonding over manicures?

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Stop, birdies, STOP!

Stop, birdies, STOP!

I’m getting really tired of picking up bird corpses.  I have these great picture windows in my living room/dining room/studio/room of napping on the couch/piano room, and the birds in the neighborhood can’t seem to quit flying into the windows and breaking their little necks.  I suppose that I should say I’m all sad about it, but, honestly, the sadness is pretty overcome by the extreme gross-out factor in picking up the birds after they have baked in the sun all afternoon.  Even in Alaska’s October, the birds get pretty sticky after a few hours.  Eew.

So, in an attempt to be more birdy-friendly, I’ve created all these hanging things from glass and colored glass.  They’re hanging in all the windows now; it’s sort of like living in a gypsy wagon, I think.  I’m hoping that the birds see all these gypsy things and realize that my windows aren’t tunnels to fly through.

See the art, hit the brakes.  Seems like an idea that could improve the whole world, doesn’t it?  Take a second today.  Check out something beautiful.

Honeyed Rose 1

I. Love. This. Necklace.

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Etsy 006

I always create with an eye toward what I think is beautiful, so it’s usually hard to let go of my pieces.  But this one, oh, this one!  I think I will cry and eat ice cream when it goes.  I love it.  I love everything about it.  I love the layers of black wire and black seed beads with interesting black vintage beads scattered throughout.  I love the peace dove in the cameo and the companion dove adding assymetrical surprise and interest.  Here’s the background story:

When I was a little girl, one of my mom’s friends would tell stories to my sister and me about the lady who lived on Warehouse Mountain–a mountain we saw everyday from our home–and about wood-dwelling animals doing things and having adventures.  We loved her stories because she made most of them up, and the stories always reflected what was going on in our small world.  One particular story involved a dove bringing light to Alaska’s dark winters by putting stars into snow-covered spruce trees.  We don’t have white doves in Alaska, so I remember being entranced by the miracle of a sun-white dove carrying a brilliant white star against the black sky and black spruce trees dusted with sparkling snow.  To this day, it’s one of my favorite memories, and now it’s in a necklace!

This one is special.  I can’t wait to see where it flies!

Dove Cameo

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