Dear Teaching Career,

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We have an unhealthy relationship.  I mean, I know that you feed, clothe, and house me, and I’m thankful for that, especially in the current economic snarl.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize that your stability is a benefit just as great as health insurance with dental coverage.

However, you’re getting too demanding.  I can’t be with you every minute of every day.  Last night, I dreamed about the students you’ve currently asked me to handle, and this isn’t the first time that you’ve invaded my sleep after I’ve worked for you all day.  I don’t love you like that.  I’m tired of you following me home at nights and on the weekends, and I’m really beginning to need some space to do other things. 

I’d like to try writing a book or maybe just a magazine article.  I’d like to take some classes on topics unrelated to you.  I’d like to repaint my laundry cabinets.  I’d like to read a book for fun without feeling guilty about not grading the constantly-regenerating pile of essays sitting on my desk.  Heck, right now I’d settle for the time to cook a meal that involves more than just a grilled cheese sandwich.

But you consume my time and energy.  You’re sort of a medieval lord, and I’m your serf, getting my basic needs met, but being kept at home by your demands so that I don’t get the idea that there might be something more to life than correcting spelling and reflecting on administrative goal statements. 

We’ve been together for ten years.  I think it’s time you let up a little.

And just so you know, the economy won’t always be like this.  Your stability won’t always be this great a draw.  And I’m an English teacher.  I write a killer resume.

Just so you know.


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