And we hit fast-forward…NOW!

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I just don’t have much time for the space bar anymore.

However, there are these points of light:

1.  Berry-picking.  ‘Tis the season.  I was in Cantwell last weekend, and it was glooooorious.  Beautifully crisp but with a polished-bright sun strong enough to raise my favorite smell in the world: warm tundra.  Bliss.  I think that people who actually live in Cantwell probably moved there in August, unaware of the icepick Cantwell always holds behind its back.

2.  Grilling.  The birthday grill and I are finally beginning to cooperate with each other.  It lights when I want it to, and I’ve stopped overcooking everything.  It’s a symbiotic partnership like fungus + algae = lichen 4-EVER!  I want to be the fungus; a little red toadstool with those cute little white spots.  I will be featured on 1970s stationery everywhere.

By the way, I finally figured out how to remember which form of stationery/stationary is the one for all things lettery and desky and papery.  StationEry is the right one.  Because “letter” has e’s in it.  I have made my life’s greatest discovery. 

And now I’m out of points of light beyond the big ones: I’m healthy and securely employed in this economy.  And boy, are those big ones. They almost make time for the space bar seem frivolous and unimportant.



Anything not tied down…

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We’re undergoing a massive purge here at Chateau Stephanie.  It started with a simple bookcase dusting, and now has spread to an every room in the house attack plan.  This is what happens when I don’t have a job (which is glorious, by the way).

When I first moved into this house, I had a cat, a cell phone, two houseplants, two bookshelves with my college books, a bed, table, and clothes.  That was it.  The grand sum of my domestic assets which wasn’t bad, but not enough to furnish a house.   I have more assets now.   As people I knew moved and redecorated, I ended up with a houseful of their castoffs (for which I am truly grateful).   And I did a little time at my local Value Village and Salvation Army thrift stores (I’m most thankful for those establishments).

However, gratuity is not a good reason to hang onto six bookcases.  Nor is it a good reason to keep clothes I’m not wearing, books I’m not reading, and pictures that I’m not looking at.  So, the war is on.

Currently, I’m purging my office.  I love having an office.  It makes me sound important.  Office.  As if I do big brainy things in there like draft novels and revise doctorates instead of shopping on eBay and wrapping presents.  And here’s the office problem: my brother’s castoff computer desk.  The thing weighs as much as The Black Thing, even without a full tank of gas.  And it has that hole where a computer monitor is supposed to go which would be fabulous if I had a computer with a monitor.  What the heck do you do with a desk that has a monitor hole? 

I know what I do with it.  Disassemble and send to the Salvation Army.  Woo-hoo! 

Soon, I will have breathing room.  Soon, Precious, soon.

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