It’s really totally inconvenient.

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Before we left work yesterday, we had to cover the entire school in plastic trash bags.  Okay, maybe not the entire school, just all the electronic equipment.  Mount Redoubt is annoying me again.

The last time that stupid volcano decided to burp ashes everywhere, I was in middle school and living in Dillingham where, with the exception of the barge in the fall, residents rely almost completely on planes to bring the necessities of life: groceries, mail, and newspapers.  With ash in the air, there were no flights.  So we spent weeks making meals out of what we had in the pantry and living without our bank statements and magazines.  We didn’t even get our town newspaper since it was printed in Anchorage and flown in once a week.  And, this was all happening pre-Internet, so it wasn’t like we could hop on Google and search, “volcanoes are dumb” or “101 things to do with canned spinach.” 

Of course, if Redoubt decides to interrupt my life with an eruption again, there won’t be a way to access the Internet anyway, so it might as well not exist.  Guess I’d better go run my searches now: “Etsy withdrawal symptoms” and “eating canned asparagus for fun and profit.”


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